Friday, March 31, 2006

Wild Horses of Fire

isn't it a conceit to get them deeper into the woods?
god is a necklace
you loook I loook
I will tell mother
I guess that means I love you
Almost fall, but don't
walk back through the water
What is the difference between the sheep and the music?
you might want to marry the green field, that is it
something natural will happen
you know what happend
where all this fog came from
that was one huge ass raft
unsteadied people made up stuff
I will if I can
I can hear what you're saying, I'm standing right here
without straight lines
with untranslatable lines
wild horses have no shoes
we're making a big pile of junk
she put on her best earmuffs for you, and you can't appreciate her, your wife
this is a test
a book of words

with thanks to Thom Donovan

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

THX 1138

pastiche serves as preface
where no preface is needed, dystopia
nothing nothing
how can I be so wrong?
something odd
the antidote
like this
my time
like tennis
sarcasm is for the machine
things get left out
your last chance

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Elephant Man

It's your job to exert control over me.
No entry
how else
my treasure?
He looks so normal,
these machines.
Nothing of any importance.
I'm the owner plain to see
I'm not to be disturbed, not a word,
he is English.

This type of thing.
Thank you, anything at all.
This case, everything you need.
You should be more sociable.
I want to hear you talk
in the name of science
I'm very pleased to meet you
I should very much like to meet this gentleman.

Smoke co-opted and perceived.
the mirror is in plain sight
sleep like normal people
the theater is romance
please I mean thank you
if loving kindness can be called care and loving concern
being stared at all over again all over again
I'm always being praised in the papers
Why did I do it better qualified
a safe and tranquil harbor the motion is carried
thank you everything in your powers
as a matter of fact who needs it
I am a human being. Splendid!
I'll be back in a few minutes, friend.
Memory is video tape and costumes,
a not so fancy film you get to see before you
die. Bravo! In the 20th Century an Ogre could
be alone, unhappy, and die.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover

Open your mouth look in at you don't smoke
look at your jacket
another king
one of these
gets to talk
you're Brittish

Illusions of color,
kids were learning
I was a choir boy once.
Whose dogs are these?
This is something I can get away with
whatever its racist beliefs.

where are they?
We still hear you sing even when
you're dead.
What's that mean?
evil gossip
I don't want the evidence destroyed.
I want you to listen--
could you cook him?
Tell me what I know,
what I let you you see,
associated with nothing,
known by no one,
let's eat.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Donkey Skin

Blue due a woman I wish.
But to please a traitor pure around the neck
on youth is never wise. Snag in time.
Surprise poems of the future on the
finger. If you like music, marry daddy.

Don't cry, it is the tradition
abjure conform.
Color of princesses & fairies now impossible,
batteries listen, caprice listens
servants hesitate.
He killed the donkey, already.
My wand is a chest, an ordeal,
on it's way out of town.

Run donkey--
you are an extraordinary thing.
Scullion, turn around, slowly.
TV alive how a filthy banker's
guilty inner force forces happy days, Rose.
I love myself, I know what I'm doing.
In its path I seemed.

Calm down men, Ill turn it.
They'll lock you up in a red circle, but not me.
Prepare your dough.
Prepare your slaughter.
Irritate Him.
Life is full of it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


1. Work Log

The real thing -- treats.
Your husband prices
we'll watch it all
it's our policy this way.
Door for the record
one of the few
sleep well
In church.
I have
a better idea.
No time will be
You know
house full of rubbish,
legal building.

2. (2 Keys for the one door.)
The Language of English

I hate the smell.

Dairy products or this way
of keeping everything together
for the record.

What I know
sleep well everything--
no plug.

Upper Hand
I will
know meaning.

involve day
tak in may own way.

walk away me
coup news military news
on 3 TVs

since yesterday
his coffee
a restrained attitude

an empty thing like mine
work harder
smoke now

there's been news

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Servant

What can America purge if not you, sentiment?
You be the servant, then.
In the jungle,
in the jungle, welcome to the jungle.
First we have to build the cities
and then we have to find the
people to go and live in them.
When you talk to a woman
turn the volume down,
it can be useful, sir.
Give me my debt, you terrible lazy
put that down, I’m sorry I was rude to
your servant.
At the station
“where the hell are you going,”
she didn’t whisper anything to me.
Who didn’t have to carry out
where are you
creeping off to now.
my judgment,
some of the jungle will have to be
Ponchos/cloaks in front
and behind.
Coming home early
“shall I
get you a glass of water?”
Do you like your beer
in a basket?
When people have sex they let
the phone ring.
The best view is from our room at the house
I can’t get over you,
Extra Effort.